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How To Make Cold Brew Coffee: Recipe & Tips!

What is cold brew coffee? Have you ever tried the wonderful taste of this drink? As a connoisseur of coffee, you must definitely try the special taste of cold brew coffee.

So, what’s so special about this coffee? How to make cold brew coffee? Let’s find out with through the article below.

1. What is cold brew coffee?

Cold brew coffee is not like other types of coffee, this coffee is made with water at room temperature and incubated in the refrigerator or ice for 4-24 hours. After extracting all the essences in coffee, before drinking, the barista can mix it with some other ingredients such as milk, sugar…

Unlike hot coffee, this cold brew coffee has a rich flavor mixed with purity, with a slight sour taste that is extremely attractive. These are also the new features in the taste that this cold brew coffee brings to users.

Cold brew coffee
Cold brew coffee

2. Where does cold brew coffee come from?

Wondering where cold brew coffee comes from? In fact, the way to prepare cold coffee comes from the beautiful Netherlands. Cold brew coffee was originally born as an effective solution for Dutch sailors who wanted to enjoy coffee on the ocean.

Because of the lack of material on the ship, they had to soak the coffee in a water tank and store it under the cabin. This is how sailors can get the fastest cup of coffee during their voyage.

After that, this style of making coffee of Dutch sailors was spread to Japan – the land of cherry blossoms. Here, Japan has improved and creatively made cold coffee to a new level. After that, cold brew coffee has been known in many other countries such as the UK, USA… Up to now, this cold brew coffee has become a special drink loved by many coffee lovers.

3. What is the difference between cold brew coffee and hot coffee?

There are many people who wonder what is the difference between cold brew coffee and hot coffee. Also because of the different brewing methods, these two types of coffee also have different flavors. The difference is shown in detail:

For cold brew coffee

Coffee will be brewed with water at room temperature. The brewing time for coffee is long, as it needs to be steeped in a cold environment for approximately 4 – 24 hours. The coffee has a gentle aroma, low acidity, with a subtle fruity note.

When coffee is brewed with cold water, it slows down the extraction rate and the oxidation of coffee compounds. Therefore, cold brew coffee requires a considerable amount of time to extract the compounds from the coffee grounds. As a result, the taste of cold brew coffee is smoother, less bitter, and less acidic than regular coffee.

For coffee made with hot water

Other common types of coffee, such as Cafe Latte, are brewed with hot water at temperatures ranging from 90 to 96 degrees Celsius. This coffee brewing method is also very fast. The coffee has a rich and concentrated flavor, characteristic of each different type of coffee.

This is because when using hot water for brewing, it accelerates the process of extracting the coffee compounds. This helps to separate the coffee grounds quickly and easily.

With the steam from the hot water, you can easily smell the distinctive aromas of the coffee. However, the hot water brewing method also makes the coffee susceptible to oxidation. Therefore, when drinking hot coffee, it will have its characteristic bitter and acidic taste.

The taste of coffee varies depending on the different brewing methods. When opening a coffee shop, the owner needs to update the right brewing recipes to create the best-tasting beverages. Below is the recipe for making the most delicious Cold Brew coffee.C

Coffee made with hot water
Coffee made with hot water

4. How to make cold brew coffee

With its unique preparation method, cold brew coffee brings a delicious – unique – strange taste to people to enjoy. To make a delicious cup of chilled coffee, it is not only necessary to use cold water to make it, but also to follow the following principles, which the owner and bartender can learn right below:

  • Step 1: Put about ½ teaspoon into a glass jar, then pour about 250ml of water and stir well.
  • Step 2: After about 5 minutes, continue to add ½ teaspoon into the jar and add the same amount of water and stir well to dissolve the mixture.
  • Step 3: Next, cover the glass jar and put the coffee mixture into the refrigerator compartment. You need to leave the mixture for 12-24 hours. Depending on the amount of coffee powder, the brewing time can be different.
  • Step 4: After cold brewing, use a filter to filter the coffee. Use filter paper to remove all the coffee grounds.
  • Step 5: After filtering is complete, you can enjoy a delicious cup of cold brew coffee. At the same time, you can add a little milk or sugar depending on each person’s preference.
How to make cold brew coffee
How to make cold brew coffee

5. Tips for Success

To ensure the best results for your cold brew coffee, follow these tips:

  • Use coarsely ground beans: Avoid finely ground coffee, as it can lead to over-infusion and a gritty texture in the final brew. Opt for beans with a coarse cornmeal-like texture or slightly rougher.
  • Opt for filtered water if possible: For a cleaner and sweeter flavor, consider using filtered water in your cold brew preparation.
  • Steep for at least 12 hours: It’s essential to allow the coffee to infuse fully, so aim for a steeping time of at least 12 hours. Steeping too little might result in a weaker cup, while over-steeping could bring out unwanted bitter flavors. Try not to exceed 15 hours of steeping.
  • Chill with coffee ice cubes: For an undiluted coffee experience, use coffee ice cubes to chill your iced coffee without watering it down.
  • Maintain the cold temperature: To keep your cold brew at its ideal temperature, consider investing in a high-quality travel coffee mug. This will help preserve the refreshing taste of your cold brew throughout the day.

Above is useful information about cold brew coffee. Hopefully this information has helped you better understand this special coffee, and also know how to make cold brew coffee.

6. FAQs 

⭐⭐⭐ Can I make cold brew coffee at home?

Yes, you can easily make cold brew coffee at home. All you need is coarsely ground coffee beans, cold or room temperature water, and a container for steeping. There are various cold brew coffee makers available that can simplify the process.

⭐⭐⭐ What type of coffee beans should I use for cold brew?

It’s best to use medium to dark roast coffee beans for cold brew as they tend to bring out richer flavors. However, you can experiment with different roasts to find your preferred taste profile.

⭐⭐⭐ How long does cold brew coffee last?

When stored in the refrigerator, cold brew coffee can last up to two weeks. It’s essential to keep it in an airtight container to maintain its freshness.

⭐⭐⭐ How can I serve cold brew coffee?

Cold brew coffee can be enjoyed on its own over ice or diluted with water or milk. You can also add flavored syrups or creamers to create your favorite iced coffee variations.

⭐⭐⭐ Is cold brew coffee healthier than hot-brewed coffee?

Cold brew coffee tends to be less acidic than hot-brewed coffee, which can be gentler on the stomach for some people. However, the health benefits are generally similar between the two, depending on how you prepare and enjoy your coffee.

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