Anand Collector Viral Video: A Scandal That Shook Gujarat

Anand Collector DS Gadhvi, a senior IAS officer in Gujarat, was suspended by the state government after a video clip showing him in a compromising position with a woman went viral on social media. The video clip, which was reportedly shot in January 2023, sparked outrage and criticism among the public and the authorities, who ordered a probe into the matter. In this article, Trendbbq will explore the details and the consequences of the Anand Collector viral video scandal.

1. What Is the Anand Collector Viral Video?

The Anand Collector viral video is a 3.30-minute clip that shows Anand Collector DS Gadhvi engaging in an intimate act with a woman in his office. The woman, who is seen wearing a green Punjabi dress, enters the office and is greeted by Gadhvi, who hugs and kisses her. The video clip was allegedly recorded by a spy camera installed in the office by someone who wanted to expose Gadhvi’s misconduct.

2. Watch Anand Collector viral video

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3. Why Is the Anand Collector Viral Video Controversial?

The Anand Collector viral video is controversial for several reasons. First of all, it shows a blatant violation of the code of conduct and the moral values expected from a senior civil servant. Gadhvi, who is married and has a son, was caught cheating on his wife with another woman in his official premises. He also risked spreading Covid-19 by not wearing a mask or maintaining social distance.

Secondly, it raises questions about the security and the privacy of the collector’s office, which is supposed to be a sensitive and confidential place. It is not clear how the spy camera was installed and who was behind it. It is also not clear how the video clip was leaked and circulated on social media platforms.

Thirdly, it tarnishes the image and the reputation of the Gujarat government, which has been claiming to be transparent and accountable. The government had to face embarrassment and criticism from various quarters, including the opposition parties, the media, and the public. The government had to take swift action against Gadhvi and order a probe into the matter.

Anand Collector Viral Video
Anand Collector Viral Video

4. What Happened to Anand Collector After the Viral Video?

After the Anand Collector viral video came to light, Anand Collector DS Gadhvi faced severe consequences for his actions. He was suspended by the Gujarat government with immediate effect and his charge was handed over to Milind Bapna, another IAS officer. He was also subjected to an inquiry by a committee headed by senior IAS officer Sunaina Tomar. The committee consisted of all women officers, including Additional Chief Secretary Mamta Verma, Commissioner of Rural Development Manisha Chandra, Joint Secretary Bhakti Shamal, and Deviben Pandya.

The committee was tasked to investigate the authenticity and the source of the video clip, as well as the role and the responsibility of Gadhvi. The committee was also expected to submit its report to the General Administration Department within 15 days.

5. Conclusion about Anand Collector viral video

Anand Collector viral video is a viral sensation that shows a senior IAS officer in Gujarat indulging in an illicit affair with a woman in his office. The video clip, which was allegedly recorded by a spy camera in January 2023, went viral on social media platforms and caused a huge uproar among the public and the authorities. The video clip also led to the suspension and the probe of Anand Collector DS Gadhvi by the Gujarat government. The video clip also exposed the lack of security and privacy in the collector’s office, as well as the moral decay and corruption in the bureaucracy.

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